Mabel - Hip Hop, Zumba, & More

Kelee - Ballet, Tap, Baton, Jazz, Ballroom, Contemporary, & More 

Babies Rhythm/Music                       Social Dance

Jazz                                                      Ballet         

Barre Technique                                 Contemporary

Ballroom                                              Hip Hop



              INQUIRE AT ENROLLMENT                       

***The amounts listed below each semester is for the entire semester. If monthly payment information is available, it will be listed to the right of the semester fee in parenthesis. 
Tuition Table                                 1st Semester      2nd Semester       

         2018-2019                                 Sept-Dec            Jan-May                                                      Children
       Pre-Tap/Pre-Ballet (3-5)          $190                   $225                     

         Number of Classes

                                      1                 $190                   $240                                                                                                          2                 $342                   $430                     

                                      3                 $474                   $600                                                                                                          4                 $562                   $710                     

                                      5                 $630                   $790                                                                                                          6                 $686                   $860                                                                                                          7                 $774                   $970                                                                                                          8                 $850                   $1065                                                                                                        9                 $890                   $1115                   


Individual Unlimited (7 Classes)

                                                         $784                    $980                                                      
Family Unlimited (9 Classes)
           ​                                              $900                    $1125                 

PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS AVAILABLE                                            


Jazz - This style of dance is sharp and energetic. It is a great way for you to show off your "sassy" side. There are various music styles set in a consistent rhythm that can accompany this style. It is a building block for anyone interested in musical theater, contemporary, or just trying a really fun, exciting style! Technique includes basic turns, jumps, and leaps, as well as, other stylistic body characteristics.

Ballet - This class will focus on the basics of classical ballet including; posture, positioning of arms and legs, terminology, turns, leaps, jumps, and technique. This is a great class to take as it will benefit you in ALL areas of dance. All styles are based off ballet.

Tap - This style is energetic and fun. Learn how many different sounds your feet can make, rhythm, and synchronization between hands and feet! Tap is a favorite among dancers of any level! Tie-less tap shoes, leotards, and leggings with exposed ankles is required for this style. Student can wear shirt on top over the leotard. Hair must be secured and bangs out of face. Dress code apparel is available in the Campus Store or ordered if not available.

General Barre/Floor Technique - This class will focus on basic technique of barre work, turns, leaps, jumps, and posture. This builds strength, develop endurance, and improve flexibility. This class is HIGHLY recommended to supplement any dance style. This class is required for anyone in the Performance Company.

Baton - Learn how to dance while twirling a baton with grace and ease. This is a class that can be appealing to dancers with little or no experience. Jazz is suggested to compliment this class. 

Social Dance Standard - This class will cover basic technique of International Standard Ballroom dance styles including Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, and Quickstep. The primary focuses will be on proper dance positioning when dancing with a partner, footwork, and the varying rhythms between styles. This class is a lot of fun for couples and all levels are welcome. Bring a partner and learn the grace and beauty of the standard styles...Great for showing off at a wedding! Each style will be taught in six week intervals.

Social Dance Latin - This class will focus on the spicy styles of the International Latin Ballroom dances, including Salsa, Cha-Cha, Rumba and Samba! Come learn how to move your hips and feet to the fast paced rhythms of Latin music. This class is a blast for partners at any level, especially if you enjoy nights out dancing! Each style will be taught in six week intervals.

Social Dance Swing - For those who are looking for a fun and fast-paced activity that you can do anywhere, swing dancing is for you! This class will focus on both modern and vintage swing styles including Country Western, Lindy Hop, Charleston, West Coast, Jitterbug and more! You and your partner will be exposed to many different rhythms from different eras and learn the epitome of social dancing. Each style will be taught in six week intervals. 

Social Dance Kids - Kids ages 10-17 interested in learning ballroom dances of all styles will learn International Standard Ballroom, Latin and Swing type styles, as well as, the history and music associated with each. This class will mostly focus on technique and a partner is NOT required, but strongly encouraged. Styles will be taught in six week intervals and will vary from Standard, Latin, and Swing. 

***A dress code is required for each dance style. Please see instructor or administration for specifics. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to wear leotards which are available in the Campus Store. Hair MUST be secured. NO STREET SHOES ALLOWED ON DANCE FLOOR! Dance sneakers or shoes only!